Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A murderer can Get a Bail but the man Who walking Through the Truth, He is in the Jail

Hey Rders, I am the Author of this Blog. Me Araz Rahaman, Came to say something in here. If you don't Feel bore and angry against me, I just wanna share Something whatever punching me in my Humanity.

First of all I just wanna say about Wikis, The talk of the Town.

I am from Bangladesh. A small Country. Who's many People Starves in Poverty. I am a simple man. Just wanna share my thoughts. And Here it is:

I hrd in morning that news " Wlthy businessman Shrien Dewani returned home on Friday night after his family paid £250,000 in bail and he was relsed from Wandsworth Prison in London. "

What a LAW??
Have you got My Connection?

Here it is- Julian Assange is Arrested in a Case of Rap. But he is still in the Jail. Court has refused his Bail.
He is not a murderer, but till now he is in there. Doing sex with out Condom is similar to Rape??? Then Can't we say that The Lady who is involved, why she don't stop him? Can't we think that she forced him to do so? And we also can say She Forced to do that.

There Law is so much Hard. Where a Murderer getting Bail by paying Murdering Bill!!! Isn't it was like that?

Julian Assange is the man who is one of the Bravest person of the whole world. He gives us all the Secret Truth's Information's.

USA- United States of America, and Interpol Posted Julian Assanges name in the "Most Wanted" list. They have the Power to do so, but Why they still haven't get Osama-Bin-Laden???? Where is he? Why they can't Find him, May be you can get its Answer From USA, Interpol, CIA or by watching an Bollywood , "Mission Istanbul".

There is nothing to clarify and nothing to justify, Just It is clred that 1 data can be false, 2 data can be false 100 data can be false (in some case) but 2,50,000 Data Can't be False!!!

Yes in that case I just can say that.....
A murderer can Get a Bail...
but the man Who walking Through the Truth,
He is in the Jail......

From the next, should we have to say to our next eration that "Always spk the Lie", "Always Walk false", "Never tell a truth".

But may be we have to say that "Never tell the Truth against US, If you do that then you will watch your name in the 'Most Wanted' List of Interpol and CIA".

No. Not any More. I am not an servant of US Government. We make Governments, Government does not.

My Direct Thought is:

Julian Assang the founder of Wikis was arrested by the British police based on a Swedish warrant accusing him of rape and sexual abuse. Well is he arrested only for this? An international arrest warrant for only an small issue like sexual abuse? Where a man gets bail by paying bill of murdering of her newly Married wife? Well you got to be kidding me cause terrorist like Osama Bin Laden don't have one(does he have one am not sure but even he have one they didn't gave that a damn). Well then why is he arrested for? Well it's kind of simple because his website(Wikis) is ing all the top secret INHUMAN and INJUSTICE things done by the US Army in both the of Afghanistan and Iraq.

If i remember correctly democracy mns For the people, By the people and of the people. which includes freedom of press, freedom of speech and so many things. And if I am not mistaking USA is the role model of democracy. But is it what we see today? Certainly not what we see today is that the US government. Is desperate to do the trial of a soldier of truth. Where they were suppose to protect him(that's what democracy says).

Some question arises form hr like would people get arrested if they fight for justice? Is the government transparent enough? Can people trust the government? Is this Justice?
well the answers are still unknown.

This is an direct assault on press for revling the truth. Do any one support this? that's my question to all of you? Comment Here. Share Your Thoughts. Let Me know What do you think?

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