Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Truth About New Bangladesh vs India Cyber War [Must Rd]

As we Know, After a long time of one way war Bangladesh Black Hat s and 3xp1r3 Cyber Army Stop Indian Sites and They Declared Pce Because Indian Ministry announced that they will stop Killing people in Border. But a so called group 'Bangladesh Cyber Army' announced that they are not going to stop the war. But there is a question that where were they at the time of beginning the war? Also Indian 's stoped Bangladeshi Sites but TGH (Tm grey hat) have started Bangladeshi sites again. Do you know why? Do u Want to know the rson? Ok,Then rd The truth Behind BD vs IN Cyber war.At fast BBHH's started Indian Sites to protest against Border Killing. This is the 1st group that Officially announced the Cyber War. See this message HereThen Another Group 3xp1r3 Cyber Army join with them. Both Tm Ask BCA to be a part of this war but their admin say that indian 's are their brother !! Then after a few days they join war with them. But , do you know why ? They start publishing news more than they are doing . TSR (The security ray) is Their own News site. The Admin of TSR and BCA are Same . Proof : Check it here!
Now The rl fact > TSR have a very good relation with Voice of Grey Hat [VOGH]. Here is the Proof Here is the Proof
And as we Know that Voice of Grey Hat is the official News Forum of Tm Grey Hat. So it's Clr that BCA & TGH have not only Nice but also a Grt relation. Few days before yTm Grey Hathave some Bangladeshi Stock market siteshere its Report!
So it's sily proves that Bangladesh Cyber Army is working with Tm Grey Hat of India. They just want publicity nothing else. Now it can be sily said that BCA is the most lamer group in this world. I'm going to show you some Proof now.
1. BCA say that they save bd sites. But a BCA Moderator Wants Money to check the vulnerabilites of a site ! Proof : Take a Look!
2. A BCA Moderator named Isti Ak Ahmed who is The Founder Of TSR took money from 3CA (3xp1r3) admin Sajid Ahmed for Make a Hash Server but he Betrayed . He Used the Money in his own way.
Their are many other laming story that i can't describe . So, At last It is Proved That BCA called their Brother TGH in This War Again. At last the good news is that BBHH and 3CA have Started War Against India again.

So be rdy guys! Your Secrets is our s.
Source: Anonymous

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