Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Airtel new tune download and listen – Airtel new ringtone download

Till now you must be knowing that Airtel has changed the design of their logo or say they have brought a new logo to represent themselves.
rlier about two days back, they come up with the new logo design on the event of announcing their landmark achievement of crossing 200 million customers.
Apart from new logo, they have also came up with Airtel new signature tune. And after the success of old tune, it seems that it will brk all of records of tune downloads because its quite refreshing than older one.
You can get the new logo, Airtel new tune( new ringtone of Airtel) and new airtel screensaver from the official site. Just visit the homepage and go to downloads to download all three things.

Or you can click here to get all of these.

Click here to download New Tune.
Click here to download their New Logo (Wallpaper Quality).
Click here for New Screensaver.

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