Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Anonymous s Develop WebLOIC DDOS Tool for Android Mobiles

These Days Anonymous Group using a new tool WebLOIC. This tool is even sier to use than LOIC DDOS tool, requiring no download, it sends requests using Javascript in the user's browser. Just like LOIC, it is a quick path to prison, sending thousands of requests from your IP address to the target, accompanied by a slogan.

Recently s Relse and New Interface of WebLOIC, ie. for Android Mobile in the form of an Appliion named “LOIC para Android by Alfred”. They Sprd this tool via Anonymous social network accounts to execute the new attack in Various Anonymous operations against Artinian government - such as #opartina #iberoamerica.
When Attacker will click "Fire", a JavaScript will sends 1,000 HTTP requests with the message “We are LEGION!” that perform DoS attacks of Given Target URL.
This Appliion is Available to Download here.
Source: The News

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