Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Anonymous takes down DOJ website in response to Megaupload case

It apprs that the widesprd group Anonymous has taken umbrage to thetakedown of Megauploadby the Department of Justice today. So much so that it apprs to be taking down the DOJ site in retaliation.Jason Safoutin@dragonfire1024BRKING: In response to seizure of#Megaupload#Anonymoustakes down#USJustice Department websitejustice.gov20 Jan 12
ReplyRetweetFavoriteThe official Anonymous Twitter account hasn’t accepted responsibility for the act as of yet, but the group is clrly not happy about what has gone down with the Megaupload takedown and indictments:Anonymous@AnonyOpsFeds shut down This bullshit never ends.20 Jan 12
ReplyRetweetFavoriteOn the other hand, the Anonymous Sweden Twitter account has admitted responsibility for the attack on the DOJ site:Anonymous Sweden@AnonOpsSweden#OpPayBackTarget: 15 minutes after feds announce arrest of Megaupload 7,#Anonymousstrikes#svpol20 Jan 12
ReplyRetweetFavoriteThe Department of Justice sitehttp://www.justice.govhas been slow since the announcement about Megaupload became public, but it has been up and down ever since, pointing to a potential DDoS attack of some sort.By following the Twitter hashtag#OpPayBack, you can watch the chatter about the Anonymous attack on both the DOJ site andUniveral Music’s site, calling the operation a “success”.The website attacks stem from theFBI indictmentsof seven people associated with Megaupload, which is being accused of numerous counts of copyright infringement. So far, four people have been arrested, including its founder Kim Dotcom.UPDATE:One of the official Anonymous accounts on Twitter has indeed accepted responsibility for the attack on both the DOJ and Universal Music websites:AnonOps@anonopsTango down! Jan 12
ReplyRetweetFavoriteUPDATE 2:Anonymous has also taken responsibility for taking down the MPAA and RIAA sites as well:AnonOps@anonopsREMEMBER REMEMBER We are#AnonymousWe are too many for them!#MegauploadJUSTICE.GOVRIAA MPAA UNIVERAL MUSIC ALL DOWN!20 Jan 12
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