Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dolancer: Another way of being (Website Reviews)

Now a day’s Dolancer is a well-known website for the people of Bangladesh. But people of this country don't know that, how they works and how they pays! Some of the people think that Dolancer is paying them because of clicking on their (Dolancer) Google Ads. Today I am going to share about how they works, pays to the people and rns, Plse forgive me if any mistakes are found.Watch it through your minds
Few days before I visited to a Computer shop and was talking to the Shop Owner and other, one of them asked me, "Dr I hrd that you are associate with Freelancing." I replied, "Yes. Sometimes."
He again asked me, "I am also a Freelancer, when did you join at Dolancer?"
I was shocked and told him that I work in Odesk.
Like this way a lots of member of Dolancer told me that. Few days before one of the junior student of our University told in bad sense that, "People who works on Odesk they are too much Greedy, they are also stepping ahed, one day they will be richer than them!.
By hring this, one of my friend showed his anger to him and stepped forward to bt him, but I stopped him. Whatever, Most of them don’t know that How they are getting their payments? In this post I am going to write it in shortly that the people who is a member of Dolancer, whatever they are doing this is not at all a work and its also not Freelancing. Soon they will fall in a nightmare and will bwakenedtoo after that .

Main Topic:They are not clicking on public ads (such as Google Adsense), I also thought that they are getting paid for clicking on Google Ads. But from a member I got to know that they have their one click appliion, they gets there various links, after every 30-60 seconds later, then they have to click on the right answer of the multiple choice question.
For example, after you refresh the page a link will appr, after 45 seconds a multiple question will appr, click the correct answer; you will get paid $ 0.01. You will get more than 100 works likes this in everyday. After a month they will rn minimum of 2,100 Taka ch for an account.
They made it to with the people. For example, firstly who will join, he will have to pay 7000 Taka and then he will bring more 5 people here to join, if they joins, then company will get 35,000 Taka (7,000x5=35,000). First person who bring this 5 members will get 2,100 + (700x5)= 5600 Taka. And by this way Company is getting profit of 29400 taka (35000-5600=29400) in a month from 1 member!
It mns they are using MLM (Multi Level Marketing) as there base or platform. And by this way they rning from the people of this country.
The people who joins first get most benefits and the rests are gets nothing! In these types of companies. They are using MLM system and that's why their members are incrsing day by day. 80% of the peoples get and the 10% of the rest 20% get bten by the 80% member.
But as a result,the owner of this company will get more profitbefore this company runs away.
They are telling that whatever they are doing it is "Freelancing & Outsourcing". Now a days Bangladesh is one of the most active Country who is getting more revenue in the Freelancing & Outsourcing sector. This click based work is killing their talents by providing their huge rning offer. Its nothing more than evogues.

This company also changed the definitions and sectors of Freelancing and Outsourcing. Because they are providing wrong definition of Freelancing and Outsourcing.

Original Post By Mozammel Haq
Tranlated and re-edited by: Admin

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