Wednesday, May 18, 2016

For "AOL" Users and "AOL" Employeers Attention

Attention All the New user or ID Crtor Of "AOL" and "AOL" Associates.
From Today, I am Watching an Problem in this Website. I am from Bangladesh. I used to open an account today.When I tried That, After filling My Info it shows me an Error Report. I thought that something is wrong there. Then I re-filled up the information in a new tab in new page.But I got the problem when i tried to use my same Username as before. It shows that it is unavailable.Then I came back to this site to try to know something about that. I tried to sign up with my previous submitted Information. But I can't. then I tried to do something different like clicking on "Forgot ". then I submitted all the Information for recover it. And at last I was Done.
Have you spotted something there?Yes, the problem is that, this website is not Confirming there users that there E-mail is almost Done !
And for the sake of that Users of that are trying to do one more ID with a little bit change.
To ch up that problem and to Ensure My Guess, I tried to make one more ID in there, and I was fallen in the same Problem, During that time.
I post it here Cause like me a lot of user's are falling in the same problem (May be). I think It is an Major problem. It is now as like as harassment. User's are kept trying to get one New ID, But the Website is not responding with there mail Opening Confirmation Letter.
AOL user's : Try to sign up with one of your ID whatever you tried to make it today and closed it by Watching "Error Report" and don't be upset.
AOL Associates: Plse try to fix that Problem Immediately.


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