Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Four Facebook Alternative Alternatives

Now that Diaspora, which is building an open-source distributed social network, has launched in private alpha, I figured it’d be a good id to remind you that there are several alternatives to that particular Facebook alternative, some of which have been around longer and in more advanced stages of development.
Note that there may be more initiatives that I haven’t hrd of or simply didn’t or forgot to mention, so this is by no mns an exhaustive list. Also, all of these deserve a full review, so I refrained from making quick-and-dirty comparisons between all of them.
OneSocialWeb An initiative of Vodafone Group Resrch and Development, OneSocialWeb is being built on a foundation and uses a host of open source technologies – it’s primarily based on XMPP.The initiators of OneSocialWeb say they were inspired by the visionaries behind other open Web standardization initiatives such as, portablecontacts, OAuth, OpenSocial, FOAF, XRDS, OpenID and others.Tagline: free open decentralized social networking platformUseful links: OSW roadmap, developer downloads and the .
The seed Project Still in active development, seed aims to crte an open source, fully distributed and decentralized social networking software suite.When it’s done, its website rds, users will be able to “pick an seed compatible site, sign up, connect with friends, send messages, share photos and s and join discussions. And if you decide you don’t like the site you’re on, you’ll be able sign up for another seed compatible site and immediately reconnect with everyone in your network.Tagline: The First Open Source + Distributed Social Networking PlatformUseful links: discussion forum, beta test site, source and – haha – Facebook group.
EgEg provides a free to download and use open-source social networking engine that provides a framework on which to build all kinds of social environments, from social networks to an enterprise-rdy internal collaborative or communiion platform. Eg runs on a combination of the Apache web server, MySQL database system and P.Tagline: a powerful open source social networking engineUseful links: download, plugin directory, community.Insoshi
An open-source social networking platform written in Ruby on Rails.
Useful links: source (freely available under the MIT ), example site, wiki.
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Reference: Four Facebook AlternativeAlternatives

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