Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Indian Stock Market next target of Bangladesh s

Bangladesh Cyber Army s relsed a Youtube mentioning their next attack would be on Indian Stock Market, in order to Protesting the killing of another Bangladeshi citizen on Border by BSF. Bangladesh Cyber Army & Bangladesh Black Hat s has attacked 3 important Indian Stock Market sites : is down
The websites were down during the pk hour. So all types of online transaction was off. The sites faced DDoS attacks and were down for around 10 hours. This caused a huge amount of loss in the financial sector of India. The amount of loss may rch millions of rupees as well.
They mentioned that they are still not done. They will continue their attacks if BSF does not stop their brutality over innocent Bangladeshi citizens. They also mentioned that these high-profile sites will suffer continuous attacks if the points mentioned by them are not accepted.
Source: The News & ARAZ's TEN Blog

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