Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Koran ayats appr on body of newborn baby in Dagestan - SUBHANALLAH

Ayats of the Koran appr from time to time on the body of a newborn baby in Dagestan, APA reports. When the ayats appr, the temperature of the baby rched 40 degrees. Ali was born in Krasno-Oktyabrsk village of Kizlyar region. The baby’s mother Madina Yagubova said a bruise first appred on his jaw.
“Then we saw the word “Allah” in Arabic in the place of the bruise. The Koran ayats usually appr on the baby’s body on Mondays and Fridays, his temperature rches 40 degrees and he cries. The writings disappr within three days and new ayats appr in their place,” she said.
The parents say first they decided not to tell anyone about it, but when they saw the words “show my signs to the people”, they decided to revl the fact.
Representative of Dagestan Muslims Department did not comment on the fact, only said they were astonished.

According to Ahmadpasha Amiraliyev, chairman of Sadig Murtuzaliyev charitable foundation, the woman told doctors when she was pregnant that the baby was crying.
“The doctors also witnessed it. The gynecologist was astonished to see that the baby’s body was transparent. He said the internals of the baby were seen,” he said.
Then the doctors told the Yagubovs that the baby will live two or three days. But despite this, the baby survived and is nine months old now.

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