Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Wimax Operator Ollo In Bangladesh

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A Brand New Wimax Operator Name ""OllO"Started Their Service in Bangladesh.

Ollo has launched the wireless internet service in October 2011 in Dhaka,Bangladesh. It is with grt pride that we can now offer wireless internet in Bangladesh.
Throughout the next several months we will continue to improve our services in Dhaka and we will also expand our network throughout the country.
Our Mission
Ollo will emerge as the market lder in wireless internet by delivering next eration technology to the people of Bangladesh. We will deliver high quality data
products and services and utilize technology to encourage social and economic growth. We will stimulate the local economies, crte jobs and provide opportunities for
value added services that benefit all Bangladeshis. We will invest in communities through socially responsible corporate programs which will improve the socialeconomic well being of Bangladesh.

Ollo Wimax Internet Package
Ollo Wimax in Trail base so they Dont Declare Full Internet Package. Current Package is:
Dongle + 40 GB 2,475 takaDongle + Cradle + 40 GB 3,225 takaPrice includes VAT.

Update Price Rate here!

Ollo Wimax Internet Coverage Ar
Ollo wimax Just Started their Service in Trail Base so they have not Much Coverage .They Just Cover Dhanmondi, Uttara and Gulshan ar .To know the Coverage Details &For More Information Plse Visit Ollo Website

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