Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Paypal is going to start Paypal service and activities with in next September in Bangladesh

Paypal Officials told to Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Service (BASIS) that they will start their Paypal service and activities in Bangladesh with in next July to September (the third terminal). President of BASIS Mahbub Zaman told this to Prio Tech after an exclusive interview with them.
He said that, because of the unavaibility of Paypal, Freelancer's and ICT-sector businesses are facing a lots of problem in Bangladesh. BASIS is trying hard to remove this issue from the beginning. Most recently, the Freelancer's Conference hosted by us in the e-Asia conference, Most of the Freelancer's raised their voice to introduce Paypal in Bangladesh as soon as possible.
Vice President John Davis also gives enough priority on this topic and we also tried to show him why we need Paypal immidiately and how much important is it to us in Bangladesh.Davis returned to the United States and contacted with the Chief Executive Paypal to start its program in Bangladesh soon. Because of his words, Paypal showed their interest to start their program in here. Paypal told that they will start their Paypal service and activities with in the third terminal of this yr.
Bangladesh Bank has alrdy in compliance. There is not any legal trouble for Paypal to start their Paypal service and activities in here. They thinked that it will harm their business concern, thats why in before they ignored this service in Bangladesh. Moreover this company also did not showed their interest in before because of thenegative of Bangladesh in abroad. He added that, whoever crted thenegative of Bangladesh in the abroad, they made a serious damage to the country's fulfillment.
peoples who are related with technology told that, they will be able to rn more foreign currency if this International payment gateway gets ligality to work in here. Now-a-days Our Freelancer's are rning a large amounts of foreign currency but it is not counting as Remitance. They entered the country illegally ways. Our young erations are facing enough trouble to rn foreign currency, but only because of some system now they are considering itself as "Black Money" which is not a comfortable topic for this young rners. By this Paypal service and activities our young eration going to be relsed from bane.
Courtesy and Source: Priyo TechTranslated by: Admin

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