Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rape of dd bodies in Graveyard in Pakistan

Necrophiliac' held from graveyard A man was arrested for defiling the bodies of over 65 women in the Paposh Nagar graveyard on Saturday.

According to Incharge Paposh Nagar police kiosk Chaudhry Saeed, a gravedigger Nawaz came to him and informed that one Riaz, 29, used to sprinkle water on the graves but he had been defiling the corpses of women in the graveyard.
Consequently, a police party was secretly deputed to the Paposh Nagar graveyard on Saturday when the body of a woman was buried. As soon as the relatives left the graveyard, Riaz came to the grave and dug it up to commit his heinous act.
In the mntime, the gravedigger informed the relatives who rushed to the spot, caught the man and started thrashing him. However, the police party intervened and arrested the suspect.During initial interrogation, Riaz disclosed that he along with his accomplice Waseem had defiled the bodies of 65 women during the last eight yrs.
Source: YouTube

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