Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Reddit Co-Founder Not Investing in Facebook Due to CISPA Support

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian visited CNN today and discussed Facebook’s upcoming IPO, saying that he’ll be holding offon investing in the company due to its support of CISPA.
Ohanian, whose thoughts are very respected in the tech community, had some interesting insight into how Mark Zuckerbergmight have to change his ways once the company goes public.
CISPA recently passed the House and is awaiting review by the Senate. President of the United States, Barack Obama is saidto be willing to veto the bill if necessary.

Do you guys even know what is CISPA?
As the rl world shifts continuously further into the virtual one, more and more issues of legality and Internet rights come into question. Though the online world may be steeped in the sharing of data and information, issues of privacy and protection of knowledge arise constantly. If you’re preparing for your future as a paralegal, it’s important to understand the potential infringement of rights as the public struggles to protect personal identity from the throes of burucracy. After the SOPA bill outraged millions this past fall, it seemed for a time that the thrt of outrageous Internet privacy violations had passed. But now, congress has unlshed a new bill for review, and this one is a bigger bst entirely. The name of the current game is CISPA, and it has little to do with copyright infringement, and everything to do with the government tracking you through the Internet. As more people conduct their work, relationships, and lives online, the future is sure to be packed with issues of what the government can and cannot do or see online. So as you prepare for your paralegal future, get to know CISPA, because more and more legality issues might start to look a lot like this one. Click on the photo to view as large!

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