Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Some Lamers of Bangladeshi Communities- (Must rd)

Hi guys! How are you all? I am back in the track again with some new issues about the Cyber World of Bangladesh.
Yes. A lots of people told me that I am doing that for the money! Oh rlly? Do you think you are right? No! Not at all.
Someone told me that I am Julian Assange. I smiled because now he became a Hitlar of Bangladesh Cyber World. When I wrote my last s about Bangladesh Cyber WorldTill then to now I am alone and I was just alone! All the BBHH Ex-admin and current admin's behaved just like devils with me, because the was true! They used bad words against me but I was in calm mode! You can see here the chat histories with date here.
Now I am going to describe about some lamers ofBangladesh Communities.
Lamer-1After that day I totally closed my all connection with the all Communities of Bangladesh. But after that time some one pretended to make me angry by making a blog in Yolasite blog and posted their my personal staffs.

He claimed that he has my Facebook ID or account and some of my info's. He has told that in everywhere of 3CA and in Anonymous Bangladesh also! Guys think it, he is an admin of BGHH and an ex-mod of BBHH. But he even don't know what is ? He just copied my & my family photo's and taken a snapshot of my information and posted them into a blog what ever is in publicly viewable mode. Is it ? Lolz. And told that to me 'No mercy'. Who wanted mercy from a coward like him? Now I am telling him 'No mercy' because I SUCCESSFULLY DISABLED HIS YOLASITE ACCOUNT AND YOUR BLOG. R.I.P To his blog.

Now lets see what he have done with me!
After finishing the chat with Ex-Admin and Current Admin's of Bangladesh Black Hat s (BBHH). I posted an Status update in that Rotating Rotor (The Lamer)Commented and told me that "Am I Muslim? You should know that 'Loving your motherland is an important part of IMAAN' I am swring to Allah and I will take Tahajjud prayer after some few minutes and will prayer to Allah to give you the dth of a Kafir."Here is the Snapshot: (Photo-1)Photo-1I think that he is so much religious at that time! But Alas! I was wrong! Why? Take a look!(Photo-2)Photo-2Now tell me is he is religious? :D You will find here more Laming report about him!
And here is some awesome, tremendous and fantastic news about him! He is now telling their eral member to donate them money, by this donation they will buy software's! How lame he is?
He also told to all that I am Posting all of this post's only for money!Watch and rd the comment of Rotating Rotor
Lamer-2Bght Shell is the next name in my list! why? Take a look!(Photo-3)Photo-3He is demotivating all the eral people by providing false news!
Lamer-3Fagun Rain is his name! In the Time of the Cyber War I haven't watched him out in the war? But suddenly he comes and his comments are shown in those snapshots! You will find this post in here!

Just see the comment's! And lets have a Fun of something! Fagun Rain told that he is the CEO of .

But the site is not working! Click here!

Watch out them! Stay away from them!
They are just using our eral Members. They don't have even the basic knowledge of what is and how to ? But eral members are thinking them master's of ! No not at all! They even don't know what is Facebook ?
They are just making fun of the people who are just believing them blindly. They are just using eral peoples and making fool of them.
I am not that type.
Why I am here, because Your secrets, My s!
Source: AdminSpecial Thanks to Motabbir Kagu

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