Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Some Straight Thaughts.

The way of the living of the People of the World is so much hard. Our Life became smaller every single day and an every single moment. Now going to the main point.

There are 230+ Independent Country in this civilized world. Many Countries have many problems.
We and our problems, we both stay like as family. Problems haven’t started from our Present; it has been started with the Past and will end with the Future.
Countries from the world have different Problems. Different Countries have Different Problems.
Without moving on to towards I just want to tell about the problems crted by the Geography. Such Like as Storms, Floods, Tornados, rth Quake, and some Tornados like Tsunami, Katrina, Sidr, Nargis, Ayla etc.

I haven’t the proper knowledge to say that why is it happening? But as like an every single People, I just can say that how can we remove those problems?
The funniest thing is “Independent Country is not Independent”. If you have Good Sense then you can understand my words. Otherwise you can ask me. Anytime.

Ok Let I finish. “Independent Country is not Independent”. Why? Can you guess or explain?
Hmm the truth is we are walking through the civilization. We are destructing the forest to make house, road etc. buildings.
We are totally unconscious about “Ecological Imbalance”.
The World can make itself Angry anytime.
Just think like that if You Tse anyone, one day the person you tsed will give back you that tse.
It’s like “Tits for tats”
But the main problem of the all problems is we think that we know a lot, better enough and became frless.
Yh you know a lot, I also know that ! SORRY !!!!! We also know that. But keep that on your mind.
“Every Father have a Father, We call him Grand Father”.
We should know about what are we doing? At lst be as a conscious people for a moment in this civilized life before dth came to us!!!!!

Thank You.

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