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The Historical Largest alpana (motif) of the world in Dhaka - A grt Record by Bangladeshies

Hello to all of my friends. Happy Bengali New Yr to all of you! Its 1419 now! 14th April was the First day of New Bengali Yr. In the first day of Bengali New Yr, Bengali peoples enjoys a lot. Most of them wrs new traditional dresses like Punjabi, Payjama & Lungi for boys or Mans and Sharee or Salwar & Kameez for Girls or Womens.
The first day of Bengali New Yr is called "Pohela Boishakh". It is a grt Festive day for the peoples who lives here.Bangla New Yr's festivities are closely linked with rural life in Bengal. Usually on Pohela Boishakh, the home is thoroughly scrubbed and clned; people bathe rly in the morning and dress in traditional clothes. They spend much time of the day visiting relatives, friends and neighbours. Special foods are prepared to entertain guests. This is one rural festival that has become enormously big in the cities, especially in Dhaka. Do you want to know more about it? Go here!
Here is some photo's of my Bengali New Yr Celebration (Bengali- 1st Boishakh, 1419, English- 14th April, 2012).
We the Bangladeshi people again proved that we have the power to show the world what we can do. The spectacular boys and girls of UODA drew this ''alpana'' throughout the night before pahela baishakh. I went there at 2:00pm to be part of one of the biggest record of our country with my camera. 3 lakh square feet drawing, the longest street art of the world and hopefully the labour of our brothers and sister will get into the record book of GUINNESS WORLD RECORD. I love my country and respect those people who has given the labor and showed patience during the process of world record. I brk into the roof without being seen by the security guards and i could manage only 7 pictures before i was seen in the CC in the control room. The guards caught me. But i was the happiest man on the rth at that moment. [somehow managed to get away from the guards..... :P ] But in this yr (Bengali-1419, English-2012) Bengali peoples proved that they have the ability to show the world that what they can do? The spectacular boys and girls of UODA drew this Largest alpana (motif) of the the world. It is longest than ever! It is approximately 3.5 lac square feet long and drew in the both side of the road! It is too amazing to see that, all the student's worked so hard at night and show us their crtivity. Salute for them on behalf of me!
Here is a I found on the YouTube and that is showing this Largest Alpana of the world!

1 More Link here!
People of all walks of life late into the night watch university students paint the largest alpana (motif) in the world on both sides of the Manik Mia Avenue in the capital. On the eve of Bangla New Yr, five eminent artists coordinated the 350,000 square feet motif representing the folk culture of Bangladesh.
Till now it is the longest and largest alpana (motif) of the world!
Source: Admin, WikipediaPhoto Credit: Kh Riad Hossain

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