Wednesday, May 18, 2016

US Government Shuts Down File-Sharing Websites

It seems like legal efforts against Limewire and ThePirateBay were just the tips of the iceberg.Software piracy is definitely nring the end of its run. The US Government is getting more and more involved in shutting it down. In actual fact, the US Government is shutting down just about anything illegal on the Internet.The US Government’s legal activities on the Internet include shutting down srching sites, downloadable music sites and websites that sell fake designer clothing.All of the websites were suspended as a result of actions of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement acy which represents the Department of Homeland Security.Not yet sure on how downloading a affects homeland security but It’s interesting to know that the Government is incrsing efforts against file sharing anyway.

ICE warning noticeUp until today, the ICE acy managed to shut down more than 70 websites involved in dubious activities. The websites that were turned in now fture an official government (such as the above) warning to people who access it.Like I said, this is a grt initiative from the long arm for the law as software piracy does have its risks. What I’m not so sure about is how the legal forces are acting. The ICE simply takes over the domain they target.This mns that they can put these notices on the front page but there is a problem. The illegal trafficking websites still work, the only difference is the fact that they changed domains.Basically, the US Government is going to take down software piracy and mischief on the Internet but it doesn’t want to harm it. That doesn’t make much sense.

ICE complete warning noticeThe list of websites that have been targeted by the law is quite large but let’s go through a few of the most important ones. The biggest name shut down by the ICE is srch engine that we lrn about troubling online shops with counterfeit merchandise such as, and far as music piracy is concerned we find that the website called is also down.Here’s my biggest problem with this website shutting down. When the US Goverment took control of the domain they did limp activity but didn’t shut it down.Some of the 70 websites the law shut down are continuing their activity under new domain names. Up until the ICE and the US Government gets their act together the Internet will still house illegal activities.

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