Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Website Blocked? No Problem.

Almost most of us normally face the situation when we try access a particular website like orkut, myspace, facebook and any other banned website from school, college or we get the message at the browser which normally says “This Website is blocked“.
So ,Today i will share the solution:

Step 1 => Visit this Site HotSpotShield

Step 2 => Download the Latest Version (In this time a file will start downloading. It is there official download manager)

Step 3 => After that RUN the downloaded file

Step 4 => Then a New Download will Start automatically by this Downloaded Download Manager.

Step 5 => After Ending the Download, Run The File. After the Run this software will install there plugins with your All browser.

Step 6 => Restart your Browser.

Step 7 => You will See New appliion file in your Desktop. Then Run it. Then give a time to this appliion untill connecting to its server.

Step 8 => After Connecting with there Server ENJOY your Browsing again in your PC.

By the way, Plse do this slowly. It will be better for you to use. Some unusable website pages will show themselves automatically. Just Close them. Feel free. And if you want to view this where have you been logged on. Came Back to That site. There is a Country Territory Detector. Don't be frustrated by viewing this. I think you will get a SHOCK. Now You also can Check your Internet Protocol (IP) address. Click Here to watch your Current IP address. Then ok NO more Talk. Be with us in in the Boundless Internet. IF IT WORKS And you all feel Satisfied, Plse Give a Comment on this Post. It is my request to you.

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