Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wikis: Support, Share and Save

Public Support, both online and offline, is needed to keep Wikis running and prevent snooping governments, from stopping the truth.
The same Internet which was used to relse information, can be now used to ensure its continuity.You can use the following methods to help sprd the news about Wikis.

1) TIME Magazine Person of the Yr: Vote for Julian Assange.,28804,2028734_2028733,00.html
Once you open the link, you will find a voting scale. Set it at a level, you find appropriate and submit your vote, after finishing the word verifiion.
Share the voting link, with your friends and colues and ask them to vote.

2) Connect with Wikis Facebook and Twitter Page:
3) Stay Updated.
International newspapers and media groups have crted separate webpages, to post news and analysis of Wiki-s.
Visit them regularly. If they have comment provision, publish your views.
New York Times:
Jerusalem Post:
The Australian:
Times of India:
4) Use Social Media:
5) Make it an Election Issue:
Lders are elected to uphold democracy and freedom of speech. Though they have the right to protect ties with other nations, they carry an grter obligation, to make their decisions reflect the people’s desire.
Connect with them.
Since Internet has become the battle-field, the tools of Internet, from commenting to sharing, needs to used, to keep the flame of Wikis alive. Right or Wrong, the truth must come out.

Source: Blognostic

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