Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#Anonymous #Lulzsec "Sabu" was an #FBI at- Info & Message about yesterday events

Last week Anonymous were arrested in Artina, Chile, Columbia and Spain by the Interpol. Yesterday we relsed that Sabu was an FBI at and betrayed several partners. One in Chicago, two in Britain and two in Ireland.
After what happened, this communiion tm met to talk. We decided we will continue reporting news about the Anonymous´s activities.
Anonymous will continue fighting for freedom in the world, but we also understand that people around the world should stand up and claimed by what is right.
We think that it is also important to start removing the old power structures that oppress people. The FBI does work for politicians after all, who are kept in by the campaign donations of Corporations. No longer represent the people. It is time for a change.
Suggestion to the FBI: Maybe you should spend a little less time pursuing Anonymous and put more effort into bringing to justice the white-collar criminals who crashed the economy in 2008 and 2011. Maybe in this way people begin to believe in you. Stop working for the 1%.
99% don´t worry. There is Anonymous for a long time.Anonymous is an id, not a group. There is no lder, there is no hd. It will survive, before, during, and after this time.
You are Anonymous,You are Legion,You must not forgive,You must not forget.EXPECT US.

FREE sup_gFREE kaylaFREE palladiumFREE atopiaryFREE pwnsauceFREE ALL ARRESTED ANONS.

Source: AnonOps

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