Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to make a DDoS Attack?

Hi all my visitors. Today I am going to tell you about "How to make a DDoS attack from your Computer?"
Process-1LOIC [Low Orbit Ion Canon]
First of all plse Download LOIC [Low Orbit Ion Canon] from here. You will get the all instruction about how to download?LOIC InterfaceSecondly, You should have to uninstall your all kind of Anti-virus what ever you installed in before!
1. Insert the website address or URL of the website you want to attack via DDoS.2. Click on "Lock On" Button.3. Port will be better if you keep it default "80".4. In this section you can use "HTTP" or "TCP" one of this 2 Methods.5. If you Select "HTTP" method then insert "1000" in the "Thrds" & if you select "TCP" method then insert "10000" in the "Thrds" ar.6. Now Press on Highlighted Blue IMMA CHRAGIN button in the Upper right Corner.
Flood started.

PC Users Keep your LOIC appliion running and keep visiting this site by clring your browser ch everytime
before you visit.Process-2

TEV DoS users start DoS by inserting IP=[Of the website URL] Port= 80
Process-3Normal Computer User
People who are unable to Run LOIC, Go this way:
Go to START => RUN => cmd => & Type "ping URL -t" Paste Website URL in the URL section and keep -t Without Quote. Press enter. Keep Doing It Until The Site Is Down.

Ask me If you fall in any kind of problem related this. Ask me here!
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