Wednesday, May 18, 2016

BDNEWS24.COM by Myanmar s Unitm

Myanmar tm named "Myanmar s Unitm" Most popular online Bangladeshi Newspaper BDNEWS24.COM website.

Recently they have attacked a lots of Bangladeshi websites. One of them is MLMBARTA.COM. Their issue is the clashes between"RAKHINE" and "ROHINGYA". Myanmar Cyber Army, Myanmar Tm, Cyber Vampire Tm, Tm Destroyer Army is alsoassociate with Myanmar s Unitm. One of the most important things is that, Indishell and Indian Cyber Army is alsosupporting them to do this.
They posted it on their deface page:
srekcaH ramnayM

!!! POWERED BY !!!

Myanmar s Unite4m <<===>> Myanmar Cyber Army <<===>> Myanmar Tm <<===>> Cyber Vampire TmTm Destroyer Army <<===>> Indishell <<===>> Indian Cyber Army
<<<=====!!! Message By Myanmar s Unite4m !!!=====>>>

To the world & Middle st - if you would like to take Jihadi Bengali Terrorists illegal immigrants, you are welcome to have
them all. We don't want to see even a single in our land. Plse take them all!
BTW, you will get those guys from RSO as discount too ->

Who is a terrorist?Burmese don't like terrorists at all!
Burmese are terrorist?How can we be terrorists if we live in my homeland?
Who is a terrorist?You (Jihadi Bengali Illegal Immigrants) are a terrorist and you (Media, UNHCR, NGOs, and others who support Jihadi BengaliIllegal Immigrants) are the supporter of terrorist! You have taken everything we own in my land, you have ed down thehouses, You have killed me, as you killed my ancestors in WWII, You want us to go to the law, after you raped the Burmesegirls and behded her, and you wanna take our land? What for? You're an enemy! Playing the media with hoax news, the NGOsand the judges of Burmese government disrobing me, u r the beginning of my end, You wish the worst for us to be ashes in ourown lands? Looking for Democracy, and Human Right and right to vote without papers? Why? It reminds me of the Nazis! You'vekilled the Arakanese soul and it become ghost, the ghost need blood called " Revenge" And then you call us terrorists afterwe stand up for our land to protect our land. You've killed, looted and ed the houses, try to get away from us, evenyour own-father land Bangladesh can't accepted you! WHY! When I accused you, you jumped up and say :- "Burmese Buddhists arekilling Muslims of Rohingya, where is the justice?" What, did you forget you buried the our houses and raped and killedBurmese in the past 1 week?
And now you call me a terrorist?

We will never forget and forgive, there will be more consequence, we will attack back to Jihadi Bengali when we got chance
no matter what, we will take their lives back!

=====-- !!!WE LOVE RAKHINE!!! --=====And they posted a Pastebin link on their Facebook Fanpage:
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