Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why Rohingya and why Bangladesh?

Myanmar tm named "Myanmar s Unitm" Most popular online Bangladeshi NewspaperBDNEWS24.COMwebsite.Recently they have attacked a lots of Bangladeshi websites. One of them isMLMBARTA.COM. Their issue is the clashes between"RAKHINE" with "ROHINGYA". They are trying to tell that Muslims are Terrorists. They told that whoever will support Rohingya they will be attacked by them. Myanmar Cyber Army, Myanmar Tm, Cyber Vampire Tm, Tm Destroyer Army is alsojoined with Myanmar s Unitm. One of the most important things is that, Indishell and Indian Cyber Army is alsosupporting them to do this.
In a few months back, Bangladeshi s more than 25,000 websites of India during the cyber war and after-before ofit. Nothing else another Cyber War is coming. Cyber War between Bangladesh & Myanmar. Be rdy for this incident. Don't tell us then that, "We don't know anything?"
And to Indishell dr, why you are not taking your tales away from here? Did you forget that time when you taken away your tail during the Bangladesh-India Cyber war. Ashamed of you Indian Cyber Army.
We Bangladeshi cyber lice are not here to cut digital grasses in Internet okay? Just shut your mouth and also stop right now in here whatever you are talking about?
Watch this photos:
Buddhist men hold wpons as they guard their homes after fighting between Muslim and Buddhist communities in Sittwe June 9, 2012. REUTERS/Soe Zeya TunWatch here more!
Now tell me? Who is terrorists? Who is the Culprits? Buddhists ya Muslims?
I hrd that In the Holy Bhagbat Gita, Gautam Buddha said that "Killing animal is a grt sin."Where is the rules RAKHINES? Is it just a show down of his words? Or something else? So this sentence became just a show off to you guys? Am I right?
We Bangladeshis are showing our silence it doesn't mns that we can't we just want to say "We concern". We are concernabout what are you guys doing. Revenge is not a solution but it can hamper you guys like the city of Pompei.
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