Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cyber War between Bangladesh & India: Why, What, How?

Cyber War
We all are known to the word Cyber War now. It mns the war begins and ends in Cyber War. By this the Cyber Battle Field not became a bloody field, but the victims became helpless some times for this rson.
No a days Internet is no more safe for the newbie people. Because scamming, spamming, phishing, , viruses and other things made internet too much hard for those people. The new users always thinks that "If they have to survive on internet then they have to lrn How to ?" isn't it so much crazy stuffs? But its the truth! Everyday more then 50 million peoples srch on Google and in other Srch Engine's "How to Facebook". They runs here their eyes here and there to find out how to Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo! mail, Hotmail and other stuffs.
Recently an Incident happened between Bangladesh-India. A Cyber war is continuing between Bangladesh-India. Indian till now likely 1000 websites of Bangladesh including Government Owned website. In Response Bangladesh Tm's given an perfect reply by more that 30,000+ website's including private and ministry department websites of India.
Some people was told that Anonymous the biggest tm of now-a-days has taken aside with Bangladesh Tms. And Anonymous Bangladesh taken a side for a days only, and after that day they back down from their stands.
Bd Xtor, the Co-Founder cum Administrator of the BBHH told us that "This war has been declared by Bangladesh Black Hat s [BBHH]"
When we asked them why they are trying to do that? They told that they became cruel now and it is now unbrable. Everyday Indian Border Security Force [BSF] is killing and torturing Bangladeshi people in the border ar. Even children's are also in the dd list!
Now the whole Youth eration of Bangladesh has raised their voice to recover their country from this matter. An youth lder commented on BBHH group, 'If any one have a friend like India, then they don't need any Enemies.'
Bangladeshi Peoples are cruel about:1. Border Killing2. Tipai Mukh Dam3. Tista water alloions to be signed.
and more and more!
Two days before I also got to know that, by violating the border law BSF started to make another Dame in Vurungamari of Kurigram nr only 30 meters away from the no mans land border line ar.
Today we have taken several Interviews of the Peoples who are associated with Bangladesh-India Cyber war and taking aside of Bangladesh by . Yes we are going to take an interview session of the Members of Bangladesh Black Hat s.
Here they are:
Truth Comes Out: An Interview session with Co-Founder cum Administrator of BBHH
Truth Comes Out: An Interview session with a Core Member & Crew named 'Double R' from BBHH
Truth Comes Out: An Interview session with a eral Member named 'Jasmin' from BBHH
More coming soon Stay Tuned!
Enjoy Responsibly!
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