Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Truth Comes Out: An Interview session with a eral Member named Jasmin' from BBHH

This is a copy of Interview sessionbetween our Staff Correspondent and a who's associated with Bangladesh-India Cyber War and aside with BBHH as a eral Member and his name is 'Jasmin'.
Staff Correspondent-Who are you?Jasmin - Bangladeshi
Staff Correspondent -Are you associated with BBHH?Jasmin-Yes because this is the only way which can help me to fight for my brothers and sisters rights. Cause I believe violence never works.
Staff Correspondent -Well said!Jasmin-Thanks
Staff Correspondent -How did you get involved with BBHH?Jasmin-From other pages of fb then u resrched about it found about BBHH I thought they need support here am I. though can't but cab support them morally ...
Staff Correspondent -hm that's mns you are in supporters side?Jasmin-yup and if I have chance to work for them I will do so without asking any questions.
Staff Correspondent -what do you think about "Cyber Security"?interms if what? bd? u mn cyber security for us?Jasmin-Honestly I don't have much id about cyber security but all I can say is in terms of Bangladesh situation. Though our government claim that we are digitalized country but our cyber system is very poor that's the only rson Indians had the guts to our systems.. so I think it's very important to have a secured cyber "country" ... that's why we need a tm like BBHH... May it is not at all a perfect answer!
Staff Correspondent -What do you know about the cyber war?Jasmin-We Bangladeshis did not have any other option other than starting a cyber war because we don't want blood for blood and this duty is our government to protect but they are now taking aside of Indian... In my sense I think this cyber war is also against our government. and I support this war with my whole hrt...
Staff Correspondent -It mns you want to keep your country strong in Cyber world?Jasmin-yup
Staff Correspondent -Well thats it. Thank you for joining me.Jasmin-Wellcome dr.
Well this was the recent conversation withJasmin- who is a member of Bangladesh Black Hat s.
By this conversation we get to know that She is a member of BBHH and she proud about that. She not at all a but she is supporting thistivism.
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