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Drama of Bangladesh Cyber History [Must Rd]

Hi dr. How are you all? I am again came with a new things about Bangladesh vs. India Cyber War.

Today I will talk about a Drama. I think you guys are thinking that where is the connection of Bangladesh vs. India Cyber war with this drama? Am I doing fun with you guys? no not at all its the truth and it happened alrdy and we all are was its victims.
Some days before I got to know some Secret staffs about Bangladesh Cyber Army (BCA), and then I published them on my blog and also in the Somewhere in blog! It was a big hit of that day! Because truth is truth. Some people posted rough thoughts about me in the somewhere in blog post comment and reported about my blog what is in Somewhere in blog. Admin blocked my account for 1 day! And I just want to say I don't want to be there any more! Because it is the only pace for the people who ever is illiterate. If you have the guts and you are an edued person come and join me in the International Blogging arena in an International language like in English. Whatever! I don't want to give a f*** of them. Its nothing except a time waste! And we all know that "Truth always hurts!"
Photo-1After that day I got to know that Facebook Fan Page of a Bangladesh Black Hat s [BBHH]have been by Indishell or TGH group. But I personally blamed that it has been done by Tm BCA. It was my personal opinion (Photo-1). Because last night I published their s that's why it can be happen I think. But I was wrong!
Why I am wrong?
Here The Drama Stated! And find out that, am I wrong?
It is a Drama part-1
After the of BBHH Fan page, I also got to know that, Facebook ID of Bd Xtor the former Admin of BBHH has been by Indian. [Photo-2]Photo-2It is a Drama part-2
We all think that it has been done by an admin [I am not mentioning his name]. But we was wrong then. Why? Lets have a look then in the past post's of BBHH! [Photo-3]Photo-3
It is a Drama part-3
Now I am going to sprd something new! In the Photo-2 Bd Shell told that He is Bd Xtor and his ID has been by Indians. But wait look at this snapshot [Photo-4]! what is he telling about? We all know that when Bd Xtor or Bd Shell writes something he made a lots of mistakes.Photo-4It shows that Master Mind is his own ID but in previous he told and sprd that "Bd Xtor has been arrested in Spain!" Here is the posts link. He told this on that time when FBI captured some s in Spain. It was just a rumor. He was not arrested and Captured and he again joined at the BBHH group at the next morning and he told that, he was in out of contact.

So it is proved that, Bd Xtor, Bd Shell and Master Mind is a same person.

Everybody knows Master Mind ID as a spy.

In that time I was not aware about that all but I was confused! If he is a then:1. Who will know his email address?
2. Log in Details?3. Recover Email ID?4. Secret Questions?5. What about the Phone Verifiion ?
This questions are knocking on my hd!
I am back in the track now!

It is a Drama part-4

But after talking with some members and other admins, I got to know that It has been done by and admin of the page. I was shocked and I hasn't believed that! But after more than 5 member of BBHH told me the same! So it can be the truth.
But in this mn time Bd Shell (Ex-Bd Xtor) made me an Admin of the group named Bangladesh Grey Hat s [BGHH].
Then it knocked my hd again! WHY BGHH? Facebook Fan page , its okay! But it doesn't mn that you should have to make a new group by lving a group? It doesn't make any sense?
It is a Drama part-5
Then I left BBHH, because whoever I know everybody was in BGHH, so I joined them. But after that I got to know a lots of things about the people of BGHH admin Panel who was in the Ex- BBHH admin panel.
Here is look! You will get to know how much c minded a human being can be! [Photo-5]Photo-5Did you get know what I am trying to proof? Rotating Rator an Ex-Moderator of BBHH and current admin of BGHH deleted and erased all the imported Documents of the BBHH from the Doc section of the Facebook Group.
Now tell me? What do you think about this things whatever happened in those days. Politics is in every where. Here peoples are bloody politicians! In every side they tries to make something what is not legal and related with controversy. And they try to influence every one to be like them.
Once upon a time I was a little boy when I was unable to mark up what is political and what is not? But I am no more a Small boy who depends on his Mother and Father, family and Friends or bla bla bla. Now I understand every thing. I can hr the sound of every drops of water.
What about you?Plse be sure about your secrets!
Because your secret is our s!
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