Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rl Face out - Bangladesh Black Hat s (BBHH) [Dhamaka -4]

Hello all I am back in the track again with a new s. When I got this it was like a tremor for me. But I thinks that I will not publish that, because I don't want to go against the Bangladesh Black Hat s (BBHH) But the Members are rough. They telling me that Because of me BBHH ! But guys listen I am not the one! Who You will get to know soon! last evening I another about BBHH Ex-Admin Bd Xtor and about a moderator. Everybody is not the same! There is some good people with some bad peoples. But they are tolerating them without any cause. BBHH admin panel broke in the morning of 12th March 2012. And some of them joined Bangladesh Grey Hat s (BGHH).

Coming to the main point, After publishing the last about BBHH Ex-Admin Bd Xtor and about a moderatora person Commented that "Haha... here are your facts" and given a pastebin link in the comment (Photo). Here is the Pastebin copy. You can rd it directly from here or in pastebin!

All the Credit Goes to Mic Mouse House (2012)
Here is the Link to go direct to the this Pastebin link

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