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Faceless cyber warriors [Vol-2]

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Indishell, ICA and the HCA posted ominous messages to Bangladeshi s on the bangladeshi sites, while in reply, Bangladeshi s posted messages and s protesting the killing and torture of bangladeshi nationals at the hands of BSF personnel at the 4,165-kilometer long India-Bangladesh border, India's construction of the Tipaimukh Dam that is likely to have severe environmental effects on Bangladesh and adjoining ars of India. The bangladeshi s also poeted messages about the Teesta water sharing, let bangladesh television programmes be aired in India and more.
Indian s stopped Bangladeshi sites by February 14, driving some Indian media to dub Bangladeshi s the "Victor".
But BBHH continued to Indian sites. This correspondent managed to get an email response from Optimus Black , a core of BBHH, on February 26. In the email, Balack wrote, 'Our is ongoing. BBHH, BCA, 3CA are all working together.'
While he couldn't provide the actual of sites till date, black claimed, "The cyber war is over because we do note have any oponents. Indian s left the cyber war field and the Indian s left the cyber war field and the Indian media has alrdy reported that we are the winners."
'But our protest is still going on. We are now fighting against injustice and brutality of India,' he wrote.
Black denied the allegations by foreign media that s fromother countries were aiding the Bangladesh cyber-front. 'It's totally false. We do not have any connection with any international groups, especially Pakistani s Indian sites for kashmir. They are not with us...' the email rd. 'We do not need any help' as 'we have the power to fight on our own.'
About affiliation with Anonymous, an international loosely collective of s who has US govenment websites, , PBS, the Vatican, Wall Street Journal of Germany and more, Black wrote, "No... But some anonymous members morally support us.'
But immediately, the next day, BBHH declared 'an ed to their cyber attacks on India' on their Facebook page, taking th outcomne of two-day long talks between the Indian union home minister Palaniappan Chidambaram and Bangladesh Home Minister Sahara Khatun at New Delhi, as a positive sign. At the home-ministerial level talkes that concluded on February 25, Delhi had assured Dhaka to bring border killings 'down to zero'.
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bySyed Tashfin ChowdhurySource:New Age Extra

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