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Faceless cyber warriors [Vol-3]

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However, BCA claimed that as Indian Grey hat s again attacked a of Bangladesh websites around the end of February, BCA and permanently disabled the website of Indian community,
On March 7, Bd Xtor, a co-administrator and core of BBHH, wrote to this Xtra correspondent claiming that Indian s have declared a cyber war again, thus initiating phase 2 of the war between Bangladesh and India. As of march 7, the Security Ray (TSR), an online journal, speculated that the total of sites now stands at 35,000.
The incident seriously questions the cyber security of Bangladesh, which is fairly new to the world of Information Technology.
In an exclusive conversation with New Age Xtra, s of bangladesh Cyber Army (BCA) pointed out the flaws in our cyber security recently. One of the s, who had into Google Labs in september last yr, said to Xtra, 's are always looked at in a negative light. But, most s try to find flaws in websites and servers. They (s) the write back to the administrator of the said website or server, pointing out the flaw and suggesting solutions to the administrator.'
BCA claimed to be the first community in Bangladesh that was initiated in 2010. Members of BCA later formed the BBHH and 3CA. 'Over the yrs, our knowledge has grown as members in our community lrn from peers. This helps them to lrn more and do better in the profession of IT and software development,' said another .
the s pointed out that Bangladeshi and other South Asian websites have become convenient in the region. They also said that almost all government websites in Bangladesh have the lowest level of Web security.
'Bangladeshi s often these sites, without any financial or data loss. They put small marks or posts on websites that no visitor can understand except for the administrator,' said a .
The s pointed out that important government sites have almost no security. 'But while these adminstrators never replied, the solutions we had mailed wwere never even implemented,' said one of them. 'At times the emails even bounced, signifying that the email addresses provided on the website are either inactive or they are not being c by the administrators,' said a .
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bySyed Tashfin ChowdhurySource:New Age Extra

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