Wednesday, May 18, 2016

's Norton anti-virus 2006 source by Anonymous

Security firm confirmed Friday that the group Anonymous has just posted some of its product source , but strongly downplays any risk, because it's old from a 2006 version of Norton security software.

Anonymous claimed to have the information for a while but they finally published it on The website Pirate Bay. The information is a source for the Norton Antivirus 2006 edition,which includes files that serve as a source for software products like the corporate edition, the consumer version, and files for NetWare, and Unix. The download file is 1.07GB. The file has a note that asks for the liberation of the LulzSec members that were arrested.

the anti-virus and Security Company previously stated that the brch will “not affect any current Norton product”. Then added: “The current version of Norton Utilities has been completely rebuilt and shares no common with Norton Utilities 2006. The that has been posted for the 2006 version poses no security thrt to users of the current version of Norton Utilities.”

It is believed that the Indian authorities wanted access to the source to ensure that the product was secure, But the source was left to stagnate on a poorly-secured network which was then accessed by the s.
This week Anonymous attacked the Vatican’s website, they tried to attack it last yr but failed. The attack came after one of their partners from LulzSec was arrested.
Source: THN

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