Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Truth Comes Out: An Interview session with a Core Member & Crew named 'Double R' from BBHH

This is a copy of Interview sessionbetween our Staff Correspondent and a who's associated with Bangladesh-India Cyber War and aside with BBHH as a Core Member & Crew and his name is 'Double R'.
Staff Correspondent- Who are you?Double R-I'm A Double R, n00b of BBHH.
Staff Correspondent- What is in your eyes?Double R-To notify site admin about his sites security hole.
Staff Correspondent- What was your first experience with "tivism"?Double R-but it depends on a s mind, I just support anon, & Hactivism, thats all.
Staff Correspondent- okay I got it! How did you get involved with BBHH?Double R-From my Facebook friend
Staff Correspondent- Okay! We all know about the Cyber War between Bangladesh-India, What is that?Double R-Indian border security force, killed our innocent people in border, also killed a child, as they do in kashmir, we requested to their government to stop it but they dont care also their r so many rson at all, they blocked us from every corner.
Staff Correspondent- hmmm So what do you think they will hr whatever you are trying to tell them?Double R-We r just trying but actually it was our governments job, to take necessary steps but they are not concern about this so, we are trying to indian sites so that their government hr our cry.
Staff Correspondent- Can you msure the ammount of the sites by yourself? If so then what is the ammount?Double R-Yap but i told u first,, that im a n00b ,, and i just start only for Op India mission... Maybe i more than 120 sites,, with 60 zone - mirror and 95 z-zone .tk mirror
Staff Correspondent- We got to hr that Anonymous is working with your Tm and some other countries like Pakistan and others countries tm joined against India in this Cyber war how much true is it?Double R-Thats not so true at all. Bangladesh, Cypries And Some Other Anon Group Support Our Mission.. But Only Bangladesh Anon Worked on it.. But Thats little,, And Pakistan, or others r doing their own mission.. SHc,, & VVIP also some site to support us,, but Originally they r doing their own job.. so i want to say that Only 3 BD group r involved in this war
Staff Correspondent- Tell us something about your Tm mates and Groups?Double R-Bangladesh Black Hat s [BBHH], 3xp1r3 Cyber Army [3CA] & Bangladesh Cyber Army [BCA]
Staff Correspondent- So who declared the war? Last day I rd out an article and in their Bangladesh Cyber Army claimed to be the first community in Bangladesh. Does it mns they dclared the War against Indian Cyber world?Double R-BBHH, And 3CA has Indian sites Before the Declaration but officially BBHH Declared the war. They can be the 1st group in Bangladesh it doesn't mns they declared the war. It is proved that, an Admin of BBHH declared the war
Staff Correspondent- oh thats the thing!Double R-And at the 1st time of war, 1 of BBHH mod ask them to join war but they ban our mod from their group and said that indishell is their friend.
Staff Correspondent- Indishell? oh it mns BCA is associated with Indishell ?Double R-BCA Admin Ist iak ahmed said that.. Ashell india is his friend They were, I dont know If they involved now or not But its clr that BCA associated with TGH
Staff Correspondent- But its now buzzing on my r that when everybody stopped the war why TGH attacked again?Double R-Cause BCA dont stopped the war & in my view, BCA called TGH in this war
Staff Correspondent- So what do you think, when this war will be stopped?Double R-We Stopped it, cause indian ministry told that they 'll stop killing,,,but BCA starts it again,, only If Indian Govt. Officially announce that they 'll stop border killing.. then we will stop it
Staff Correspondent- And what will be the suggestion or advice to the Government of Bangladesh?Double R-They Should Talk to Indian Government to Stop border killing and They Have to be strong.
Staff Correspondent- Only the Border killings? But I got a lots of issues from the indian sites?Double R-Yes there are but border killing is the main issue.
Staff Correspondent-Okay dr thank you for giving me the time.Double R-Welcome and thank you too.
Well this was the recent conversation withDouble R- who is a member of Bangladesh Black Hat s.
By this conversation we get to know that Bangladesh Cyber Army is not the tm who declared the war. By his words BCA is associated with Indishell and Tm Grey Hat [TGH]
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