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Truth Comes Out: An Interview session with Co-Founder cum Administrator of BBHH

This is a copy of Interview sessionbetween our Staff Correspondent and a who's associated with Bangladesh-India Cyber War and aside with BBHH as aCo-Founder cum Administratorand his name is 'Bd Xtor'.
Staff Correspondent: Who are you?Bd Xtor: i am bd xtor a cyber fighter I fight for my country
Staff Correspondent: It mns you are a ?Bd Xtor: In this sence you can say it yes i am a
Staff Correspondent: What led you to become a ?Bd Xtor: long time i was looking for a way to rise my voice aginst in-justice .and also when bangladesh going to digitalized i feel we have to work for our cyber security and then i start my lrning and its helped me to become a
Staff Correspondent: What was your first experience with "tivism"?Bd Xtor: that was very intaresting my 1st operation was a porno forum that i deleted all database of that forum what was a most popular forum
Staff Correspondent: We all know about the Cyber War between Bangladesh-India, What is that in your eyes?Bd Xtor: this cyber war we started for rise our voice aginst bsf killing not only bsf killing there have some other issues also our main goal was to inform all citizen of the world what indin government is doing with us. it is a fight for our right. we need justice. thats why we are in war.
Staff Correspondent: So what do you think they will hr whatever you are trying to tell them?Bd Xtor: yes all rdy we get result indian gov 2 time announce they will stop boder killing and 8 bsf solder get arrest. its a result our war.
Staff Correspondent: Tell us something about your Tm mates and Groups?Bd Xtor: bbhh is a family and we wll are as like brothers. all admin and mod are very capable
Staff Correspondent: We got to hr that Anonymous is working with your Tm and some other countries like Pakistan and others countries tm joined against India in this Cyber war how much true is it?Bd Xtor: y 1st attack day porki,indonesian,thi and malaysia was join in this war but we dont call them or we dont want ther hlp after that day only bd s group fight on this war
Staff Correspondent: Is other Bangladeshi tm supported you? If so then Who they are? and what tm declared the war?Bd Xtor: BBHH Declrd this war.form the begining all BBHH thought about indian gov in-justice and then we plan for take some step.we declr this war and 3xp1r3 cyber army allways supported. we are very grt full to them.after declring the war 3xp1r3 the only group who was also declr war with us aginst india.
Staff Correspondent: Last day I rd out an article and in their Bangladesh Cyber Army claimed to be the first community in Bangladesh? Does it mns they dclared the War against Indian Cyber world?Bd Xtor: lolz BCA is the first group in Bangladesh i dont accept it there was to many small group allways in bBangladesh. and there have no chance to say that they declr war aginst india.they never interested about indian war and after we declr war they join after 3 dayes.any one can see there past post before war in BCA group its very clr .
Staff Correspondent: But its now buzzing on my r that when everybody stopped the war why TGH attacked again?Bd Xtor: its my persional openion i guess there is something hiden between TGH and one of bd suspicious s group.if we see indian media news after TGH stop declr war then there have 2 many question indie about that bd group who r trying to proof there as a ethical group. and when i post 100 website in TGH group that time they infrom me they are going stop this war and at night when they invite me to a chat metting and inform us they have secrect about our gov but they cant show or peof any thing .that time i rlise that Tgh and that suspicious group working togather for a publecity nothing more
Staff Correspondent:And what will be the suggestion or advice to the Government of Bangladesh?Bd Xtor:Bangladesh gov should need to use our talented Bangladeshi s for secure our cyber space. Also government can use them for Bangladesh cyber defence tm as like as china. Only our telented res can hlp to crt a secure Bangladeshi cyber space.

Staff Correspondent-Okay dr thank you for giving me the time.Bd Xtor:Welcome and thank you too.
Well this was the recent conversation withBd Xtor- who is a member of Bangladesh Black Hat s.
By this conversation we get to know that Bangladesh Cyber Army is not the tm who declared the war. By his words BCA is associated with Indishell and Tm Grey Hat [TGH]
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